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Custom Management Sample Essay

Amazon essay

External Factor Evaluation matrix is a well-known tool of strategic management used to estimate the current business conditions. “The EFE matrix is a good tool to visualize and prioritize the opportunities and threats that a business is facing” (“EFE Matrix”). The EFE matrix ... Read more »

Analytical Report: Business Process Management, Project Management, and Quality Control and Assurance essay

The contemporary business world is marked with an increasing competition and rising demands of customers and business partners of quality, efficiency and other factors that make firms’ functioning profitable and effective. Thus, all kinds of businesses strive to improve their organizations in ... Read more »

Case Study – Milton Manufacturing Company essay

Milton Manufacturing Company has experienced increased net cash flows in all activities after a drop in a few months. During auditing, it is discovered that the plant manager had put the company at risk by using funds secretly. Though it had helped, company protocols need to be followed (Callanan ... Read more »

Corporate Finance essay

The Net Present Value (NPV) approach is a project appraisal technique that uses the discounting of future cash flows at a given discounting rate at a particular time. It aims at determining whether an investor can obtain a particular yield given a specified initial outlay (Schmidt 2013). The NPV ... Read more »

Logistical Issues Faced by Organizations essay

The way large industrial, mining, and commodity companies use their supplies, equipment, and other resources has significantly changed in the recent years. The uncontrolled accumulation of stocks, poor supplier management, and the lack of effective material base and logistics infrastructure ... Read more »

Procurement and Cost Study essay

Question 1 The private financial initiative (PFI) is a procurement method that focuses on attracting the financial resources from the private sector with the purpose of funding the development of the public infrastructure, thereby resulting in the establishment of the public private partnership ... Read more »
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