Custom «Florence Nightingale's Legacy and UN Millennium Goals» Sample Essay

Custom «Florence Nightingale's Legacy and UN Millennium Goals» Sample Essay

In modern medical practice, nursing is a complex phenomenon. The discussion of changing goals of nursing, especially in the today`s environment, can centre on an example of Florence Nightingale. On the one hand, these goals have to suit the evolving conditions, but, on the other hand, the unaltered universal concepts remain. Alternatively, the UN Millennium Development Goals may present the up-to-date perspective on the role of nursing in health care. The role model of Florence Nightingale illustrates that intrinsic targets pursued by caregivers have not changed. Thus, the principles of nursing, which Florence Nightingale promoted, are closely aligned with the UN Millennium Development Goals despite the difference in time and conditions.

1. Whereas some critics might claim that the role of Florence Nightingale may be to some extent exaggerated, she made a solid contribution to the development of nursing (Selanders & Crane, 2012). The first impact that Nightingale`s legacy has made on me is understanding of the universality of the Millennium Development Goals. The 191 member states of World Health Organization approved Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) only in 2000. The organization initially planned to achieve them by 2015, but the world affairs in 2016 indicate that there is much to do. The MDGs comprise eight goals that relate to different global problems such as hunger, equality, health, environment, poverty, and illiteracy. Despite the fact that Nightingale lived and worked a century ago, her legacy is universally applicable and relates to the MDGs. She focused on pursuing the health goals that would not only treat the sick but also raise the general level of nurses` education. Nightingale wanted nurses to be not only trained but also well-educated to make the profession more valued in society (Nightingale, 1851). Nightingale`s legacy did not alter my perception of the MDGs but, in fact, complemented it. The MDGs focus on various aspects of human well-being and nursing that Nightingale promoted is also complex. Her nursing tradition corresponds to the MDGs extending the three specific goals of health care. Thus, the legacy of Nightingale helped me to analyze nursing in its wide scope. I realized that my responsibility as a nurse is bigger than a treatment of wounds and diseases and that I can do more in the context of the MDGs than simply take care of the ill.

2. Among the eight UN goals, there are three goals that directly relate to nursing. They include the reduction of child mortality, the betterment of maternal health, and fighting the diseases like HIV/AIDS (World Health Organization, 2000). Nurses can achieve the goal related to child mortality via several tools. In her book Notes on Hospitals, Nightingale (1859) indicates that mortality in municipal hospitals remains high. One may conclude that there is much to improve in hospital services. Personally, I can contribute to the reduction of child mortality by detecting and treating child illnesses, like measles, timely. As a nurse, I can also pursue the goal of maternal health improvement. This goal has been the least efficiently addressed so far (Kweifio-Okai & Galatsidas, 2015). I can help resolving the problem by developing my skills on pregnancy attendance and supporting women to deliver babies safely. The third MDG I can address as a nurse is combating the diseases, like HIV/AIDS or malaria. I would focus on preventive measures. It is important to spread information about these maladies among younger patients because prevention has more potential than treatment.

3. Every community can fulfill the MDGs with available tools. My community can develop an effective program on prevention of HIV/AIDS. Nurses can serve as professional educators delivering information and offering training at local schools and colleges. We can pursue the UN goal related to the maternal health by educational methods as well. It is important to spread information about the means of contraception and family planning. Nurses in my community can travel to other regions that require a change and introduce workshops and training there. We can combine these two practical measures to achieve a successful outcome. To conclude, the UN goals can be pursued in any community, and every nurse can make a personal contribution to their achievement.

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