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Custom Philosophy Sample Essay

One Day Living by Nietzsche essay

Believing one’s words is expecting and willing them to be true. When they are coming out of philosopher’s lips, it is not a matter of faith, but rather of deep understanding of the words. After reading Friedrich Nietzsche, I realized that the full apprehension of his philosophy could be ...

Skepticism: Arguments For and Against essay

Both Sextus Empiricus and St. Augustine of Hippo were influential intellectuals of their time who left an indelible impression in their respective areas of study. While Sextus Empiricus was a philosopher best known for his contributions to the philosophy of skepticism, St. Augustine is today mostly ...

What is Happiness? Stoics' and Epicurus' Approaches essay

The topic of living a happy and fulfilling life has been one of the key issues for philosophy since the ancient world. A range of answers given by thinkers might satisfy any seeker, if they find an approach that resonates with them most. Ancient Greek philosophers were quite prolific in exploring ...

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