Custom «Toms Shoes Leadership» Sample Essay

Custom «Toms Shoes Leadership» Sample Essay

Toms Shoes Leadership program is designed to make positive contributions to society. The program is ideally about donating one shoe for every shoe sold to children in need of shoes (Chang, 2009). The initiative is vital especially for the business because it promotes the marketability of the product. In this case, Blake Mycoskie uses the shoes he donates to market his brand because people are interested to know where others got their shoes from. This in turn increases the profitability of the company. The arrangement encourages the employees because it gives them the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts helped someone in need (Chang, 2009).

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The unique form of entrepreneurial practice involves psychological and behavioral modification in organizations. This is where the impacts of certain behavior on individuals and groups within an organization are studied (Robbins & Judge, 2007). Mycoskie has effectively used this psychological behavior to his advantage in encouraging the employees and himself: ensuring increased productivity for the company. Organizational studies often involve various departments that make a business organization (Owens, 2004). This has invariably been effective in Toms Shoes Company where effectual interpersonal communication is evident.Effective communication exists between Blake, his employees, and the society in general. He clearly explains to the employees what is needed of them, which increases the chances of innovativeness in the company. This project is very effective because it promotes the citizen-leadership initiative: every citizen can use his or her own talents to make a difference in the society. It encourages creativity and concern to humanity. The initiative touches members of the society who are encouraged to buy one or more pairs of shoes because their purchase will bring a positive change to the needy.

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The psychology of behavior in an organization also works in terms of environment management events, internal personal factors and behavioral patterns. The internal personal factors may include cognitive, affective and biological variables (Robbins & Judge, 2007). The internal personal factors that Mycoskie encourages are creativity and enthusiasm, which ensure that one does better in everything that he or she undertakes. He has inspired many people to rethink what they wanted to do in their lives. He also encourages innovativeness by advising young people against waiting for white-collar jobs but to engage themselves in social entrepreneurship that gives satisfactory rewards.

BBlake also uses effective motivation techniques because he determines the incentives that will increase the sales of the shoes his company produce. He uses the one-to-one shoe program to donate, for every purchase made, a pair of shoe to a needy child. He argues that giving is good for business and building the business because the customers sell the shoes (Chang, 2009). He also encourages people to lend a helping hand to the business because of the good work that the company does to the society.

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The impact that this psychology type has on organizational behavior is to mould the behavior and creativity (commendable traits for excellence) of the employees. It has acted as an encouragement to young individuals to be creative and innovative in their dealings. It has also motivated a whole lot of other people to contribute to the society using their talents and abilities. This organizational psychology has impacted positively on the business because of the free advertisement it was given. People will want to buy more products of a company especially when there is an incentive involved (Owens, 2004). In this case, the one-to-one shoe initiative is not only a way of promoting the welfare of the people in the society but also to increase the productivity of the company, thereby maximizing its profits.

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