Custom «Addicting Substances» Sample Essay

Custom «Addicting Substances» Sample Essay

One of the addictive substances affecting young adults is a drug that has a dozen names among the youth. The drug is referred to as crystal, ice, Tina, crank, Tik and meth. The term meth is a short form of methamphetamine. Crystal meth is a drug that keeps an individual high for six to twelve hours (The New York Times 12). Crystal meth is a more powerful drug and goes for a cheaper price than cocaine. This is why it is commonly abused by young people since they can afford it. Another reason why taking meth has become a common problem among the youth is because it is easy to manufacture the drug in your own backyard.

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Crystal meth destroys one’s mind, body, and soul, making it ranked as one of the world’s most dangerous drug. One quarter of a gram of heated crystal meth can go for about twenty five dollars. Crystal meth users can swallow the drug, snoot it, shoot it directly into their veins and even smoke it. A study carried out in the US shows that at least twelve million Americans have once used the drug. This greatly impacts young adults since they risk dying from the harsh effects of methamphetamine at an early age (Medical News Today 17). For instance, methamphetamine use has already hit hard the farm states like Nebraska. People smoke it in parties and in the comfort of their homes without the knowledge of their parents. The police once stopped a young couple, for example, since the car they were driving lacked the tail lights. They told them to fix the issue but the couple seemed confused. They were looking for Pacific Street in Geneva. This made them turn back to look for the way only to be found after five hours of searcing dead in the snow. The couple was so high on drugs that they did not know where they were going.

Young adults who abuse meth are known to commit many crimes in their neighborhoods. This is because meth keeps them high and they feel free to do anything. Moreover, people do anything possible to purchase the drug, which includes stealing from their parents and the neighborhoods to get money. Many young people have gone to prison due to such activities and yet do not seem to reform. Methamphetamine is a drug that has stuck its teeth in the current generation and does not seem to let go in the near future. The drug is in a high circulation around the world with an approximate twenty-six million people using it. Crystal meth has become a party drug in most states, which is a common activity for young adults.

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Young persons who use meth and sell it claim that they are not criminals but work for a living. The rate of drug use has led to the police departments around the world to conducting additional tasks. They have to pull over cars and search carefully for any evidence that might lead them to meth users. Some of the police have even reported that meth cases have risen in the past ten years. This implies that there is even more meth in the streets currently than before. Meth is a monster among young adults, since it leads them to their early graves. Meth users are also in the risk of contracting other chronic diseases as some share the needles to inject themselves (The Daily Beast 27). Thus, addiction becomes a double tragedy since not only is a young adult in the risk of meth effects, but also in the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS among other illnesses.

Young people still continue to be exposed to the real problem of taking crystal meth, which is an insidious drug. Its users look like the living dead after some time of taking the drug. That is why a solution has to be found for this looming danger. One of the practical solutions to stop meth intake by young adults is to create rehabilitation centers (Science Daily 20). Such centers are meant to take meth users through a program and treatment that will eventually lead to the users’ recovery. The program must be closely monitored; however, there are still chances it might be in vain. Meth users go delusional once they lack the drug for even a single day, which explains why they have to be put under medication that will alienate them from taking the drug.

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Another practical solution to helping meth users is to create correctional facilities around the world where young adults can be put into once they are caught. Such measures will alienate them from the dangers of continued use of methamphetamine for a period of time. Correctional facilities should also be fitted with doctors to treat meth addicts as well as training programs on the dangers of exposing oneself to the effects of taking meth. Parents and care givers should also be strict enough to monitor their young adults so as to minimize the number of meth addicts. In order to achieve success, parents need to pay close attention to and involve themselves in their child’s life. Some parents have given their children too much freedom, which seems to be leading them astray. All in all, methamphetamine is a real threat that has to be dealt with if we are to secure the future of this generation.

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