Custom «What are the Basic Concepts That Define a Proper Order?» Sample Essay

Custom «What are the Basic Concepts That Define a Proper Order?» Sample Essay

The basic concepts proper order are the key element and ingredient in the rule and governance of today`s political governing trends. These trends are characterized by elements that include pluralism that is very vital aspect of the leadership of a particular state. In some cases, the method itself cannot apply to a country’s system of ruling but it will present itself indirectly in the whole process of offering good leadership to both the minority and majority class in any state. In this regard, this essay seeks to identify and expound key relevant concepts that define what a proper order entails in the attempt to exercise good leadership and governance.

Pluralism is a concept of ‘what’ a proper order entails. There are adequate models in place, political cooperation, social and society participation that enable the minority and majority have their say on opinions about the nation without the fear of being attacked or side-lined by respective authorities being the state or society at large. The best and most applicable approach to pluralism as a concept of proper order is the bottom-up mentality. The bottom-up mentality is where individuals from the low socioeconomic class try to seek associations with individuals from the upper socio-economic with the aim of serving the best part of it to the country and citizens in that endeavor (Go 45).


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Not only do the leaders of high authorities make political decisions but they also control authority resources, which makes them regarded as the authority class. These are rights that politicians all over the world receive legally and rightfully after the democratic choice of the sovereign nation through the set out procedures for having a leader in power. Privileges are the essential criteria, according to which any political class and elite can be distinctly distinguished from all other classes in society, as far as no social group has the ‘right’ to claim various state priorities for itself unlike the dominant authority minority and as the political priorities that authorities possess. Moreover, the right is mostly characterized by rules and norms essential for the majority, while privileges are always concern and are used only by the minority, which has the status of a written and unwritten law when one interprets political privileges to be enjoyed by the ruled (Wilensky 75).

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The major reason why the concept is deemed fit for the proper political order derives from its ability to help socio-economic classes in life fully in relation to one another. This happens in a sober and peaceful manner that encourages the entire population to work harder and coexist peacefully in a country, hence creating a proper environment for tolerance and brotherhood. Individuals should be able to realize the importance of staying together for the improvement of their country and its future. Developmental agendas ought to be undertaken without conflicts that are mostly afflicted to such projects since everyone would like the project done in the location of their preference. The other most common reason is that it tends to encourage every individual, without leaving the political class out, the decision-making process, or any key projects to be undertaken to come up with bills or laws that are meant to spearhead and transform the country (Kotkin 56).

The other vital concept of proper order is constitutionalism that advocates for the country`s rule of law to be upheld by citizens of every class regardless of the role or responsibility they occupy with it either being for the state or the international community they represent. Constitutionalism as a concept exists in the event of the existence of working rule of law for the country with either written or unwritten type of constitution. This is a key concept in the sense that political processes and constitutional rules are constrained effectively, hence providing internal and external checks on government power. Constitutionalism also demands that people in power or occupying political positions respect the rule of law. Similarly, all government institutions are expected to provide services to the citizens with fear or favor. This can only work when there are no vices like tribalism or corruption. Therefore, constitutionality calls for accountability of all people in power.

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In addition, constitutionalism is a fundamental aspect of liberty. The concept of constitutionalism in a proper order faces the challenge of socialists who criticize it as a ploy by governments in preventing reforms. The concept of constitutionalism acts as a neutral factor in the event of conflicts between the different arms of government or the parties having disputes that should be best resolved by the law of the land (Kotkin 21). For instance, in case of any conflict between two or more government institutions or officers, the judiciary can be called upon to interpret the law as enshrined in the constitution. It is for this reason that for any constitution to be passed and adopted, it is important that the citizens are involved in its formulation and it should be accepted by majority of the people.

Since today`s political arena has undergone massive positive changes, a proper order should try to lead and guide a state towards the realization of its goal as far as politics is concerned. States ought to have utmost sovereignty to propel things to the next level and ensure that leaders know their space of play. Further to this, the citizens should know what is expected of them. As for the political class and elite, their role should be well laid out to ensure that they are held accountable for specific responsibilities. The minority and majority should have privileges outlined and the logical procedure on how to tackle the issues clearly defined, hence avoiding any conflict in the process of administering justice or services to citizens (Go 55).

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