Camping Sites: Free, Cheap, and Fun

Camping in summer is a staple part of this season and a perfect outdoor activities opportunity. This type of activity combines several useful aspects, namely, the possibility to explore the beauty of the nature that we rarely appreciate in our everyday life, have fun with friends, learn new skills, meet new people, relax and do it all for cheap.

However, it is a superficial look at the camping activity. First, you need equipment. Second, you need even more equipment. Third, you still need to cover some expenses. As far as I am concerned, the prevailing majority of the modern campgrounds have almost all the amenities you have at home – and this impacts the price.

On the other hand, there are much cheaper unfinished campgrounds with a lot of nature and few amenities. Some of such spots are even free. Interested? Then let me share some tips on how to find them and enjoy your camping.

These are the campsites across the United States to choose from if you are interested in low-cost and even free camping spots:

FreeCampsites.net is definitely what you need at first. There is a list of spots identified within the USA with available camps for free. Why? It is pretty simple: some of such sites may be really difficult to find since they are made for canoeing or hiking.
S. you can also find the spots with a low price there if you are not ready to face the challenges while accessing your destination.
USCampgrounds.info is a database that comprises about 13,000 public camping spots both in the United States and Canada. You can find the spots located close to reservations and monuments, state and national parks, different forests that permit citizens access to chosen camping areas.


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I recommend you to keep track of all the white symbols marked on the map. These are the symbols of campsites that make offers for $12 or so. To be frank, this does not necessarily mean low quality, so do not get scared. Nevertheless, you should realize that low prices mean fewer amenities available.

Boondocking.org is the best among absolutely free places for your camping experience, or in simpler words, to learn “boondocking.” The unique feature of the given resource is that it will provide you with the spots never offered at other similar databases. So keep hunting – this web site is really something! Also, consider the abandoned private campgrounds that may be offered here. It means that the gates are open and everyone is welcomed to enjoy them. It may be an unusual and challenging trip, so do it ;)
“Camping America’s Guide to Free and Low Cost Campgrounds” by Don Wright is an awesome book telling you about inexpensive and interesting camping spots.

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I wish you good luck! Take care and don’t forget to enjoy every minute of your rest =)

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