Computer Addiction

We live in the age of information technologies and the majority of information is stored on computers.

Computers’ Role in our Life

Thousands of servers around the world contain all the valuable information about people, and the Internet is main source of free information for every person. As we all have access to the Internet, we can join any information from our computers, laptops, smart phones, etc.

Most elder people are still getting used to the innovations in the computer world and try to connect their lives with computers so that they could be able to follow the latest news. At the same time, it is much easier to the younger generation to use computers. Moreover, lots of teenagers cannot imagine their lives without their computers.

Computer Dependency

Computers were designed to help us and make our lives easier and our activity more effective, but in recent years, there has appeared a problem of computer addiction, especially among young people. Many of them spend almost all their free time in front of their computers surfing the web and playing games. Even children cannot already imagine spending their time outdoors, but they play different video games, most of which are full of violence. The main functions of computers, such as work and education, have already lost their primary importance, and today, computers are often associated with entertainment.


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Do Computers Have a Negative Effect on Our Society?

Almost every field of our life, including education, business, science, politics, economics, etc. – everything depends on computers. Each organization uses its own databases with the vital data required for work. This means, if anything wrong happens to a computer or a local server, the job is failed.

It cannot be argued that the modern age of information technologies has made us greatly dependent on our computers and has a great impact on our lives. On the other hand, we have a chance to fulfill more work and spend less time on it. Nevertheless, many of us lose our identity and interest in life, being absorbed by our laptops, computers, and smart phones.

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