Zoos: Pros and Cons

Many people like to visit zoos with their children on the weekends to see the unique and extraordinary animals. On the other hand, many NGOs, animal rights advocates argue that zoos are the prison for animals and demand in the government to forbid them. We decided to consider this question objectively and offer you four points to rethink together. Let’s start!

Zoos Are the Safest Place for Animals

It is evident that zoos provide excellent living conditions for animals. There is no lack of food and water, medical assistance, no threats to die on the hunting or to be killed by other animals, etc. It seems the ideal place for animals at first sight. However, do you think that zoos are for animals like prisons are for humans? No one would like to be in jail. Zoos' conditions are probably not natural conditions animals need. Of course, people in prison sometime live longer than people on the freedom. Does it make them happier? The same with animals! In addition, we should remember that native nature condition is wild only for people; it is not wild for wild animals!


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Climate Question

What could be better than a stable warm climate? It is so pleasured to have sunshine walking or late in the evening at the end of a workday. Otherwise, who does not like winter season: mulled wine, skiing, etc. Wait a minute! We forget about animals in the zoos! Do polar bears, seals, etc. like warm climate? Maybe, elephants, giraffes, and other thermophilic animals are fond of cold weather. Thus, zoos cannot provide all animals with natural weather conditions they need even using modern technologies and methods.

Transportation Nightmare

Imagine that you must travel in the little bus during three days or even more. Could you imagine that? How would you feel? Usually, animals are suffering the most from extended cruel transportation. As they are wild animals, caretakers often beat them to put them into transportation container or cage. There is a lot of evidence that confirms such cases. Thus, we even cannot imagine how animals suffer from transportation; some of them regularly die during their "journey."

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Zoos Save Rare Types of Animals

Many zoos claim that they have a chief aim - to preserve and to protect unique kinds of animals from death. It sounds great, is not it? However, there are many exotic animals in zoos. Are they also rare animals? Of course, they are not. Secondly, even when such animals will begin to reproduce themselves, their children will never be able to come back to the native wild area, because they will be growing up in the artificial conditions.

To sum up, we see that zoos are the artificial places for wild animals. Zoos can try to provide animals with all necessary, but they cannot create all wild nature conditions they need. Finally, the central question - could animals or people be happy living in prison? Think. Analyze. Change.

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