Traveling vs. Staycation

Staycations have recently become exceedingly popular with lots of holiday-makers. It is basically because staying at home is more rational for the reasons of safety and thrift. Nowadays, especially after the economic recession, the average Americans increasingly opt for back-porch vacations and poolside holidays. Despite this trend, high expenditures and potential unpleasantness, there are many reasons why traveling can still be more advantageous.

Setting out on a journey enables you to experience everything on your own: to see the destinations with your own eyes and savor the unique atmosphere of the places you visit. You can surely listen to people describing at length the flavor of a new croissant filling using a plethora of words but still, they will fail to convey the experience of trying it on your own. The same is about traveling. You can surely watch different enlightening TV shows, read about the most unique destinations in the world on somebody's blog, or listen to the most interesting podcasts. Nevertheless, it will not replace the unique experience of discovering everything on your own. But other from that, while traveling, you form your opinion about what you observe, not just see the world through the eyes and experience of a certain person or film crew.


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Setting out on a new adventure is the best source of inspiration you can think of. Even if you have explored a particular place through and through, the next time you will visit it, the impressions and experience you will significantly differ since the weather and atmosphere will be different and people you will bump into will vary. Additionally, traveling is helpful in your quest for self-discovery and coming to know this world better. From this perspective, traveling is the best remedy for depression, the feeling of uneasiness and anxieties for the future. At times, traveling can not only broaden your horizons and broden your experience but also give you a brand-new perspective on your life.

Traveling is also all about getting acquainted with new people. While you are on a staycation, you mostly deal with people you get along with. Traveling throws together completely different people with various and sundry mindsets and sets of principles, which are derived from various walks of life. Additionally, traveling is a splendid opportunity to come to know other cultures and traditions. Wandering through the world enables you to meet people you would never happen to see if you stayed at home within your comfort zone. Traveling can also help you befriend new interesting individuals and get away from your mundane and dreary life.

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People will seemingly never cease to discuss whether traveling is a prudent way of spending money or whether it is better to put money aside and stay at home within the experience of their comfort zone. Traveling can be tough since it requires a thorough planning, a great deal of money, and also some eagerness and enthusiasm to push yourself out of your comfort zone. But lucky those who will pluck up their courage to pursue their dreams and surmount obstacles, as they will come to know the pleasure of pursuing a hobby like this. If you have a burning desire to discover new places, do not let your fears get in your way. Most importantly, having once experienced the benefits of traveling, you will never opt for a staycation any more.

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