Top Study Apps for College Students

In today’s era of technology, college students can use multiple applications to facilitate this process. Read our list of the best applications and choose the one you like the most!

Best Apps for College Students

iTunes University

This app offers a wide range of the curriculum course materials from a number of colleges and universities. Its content includes a number of texts in different formats as well as audio and video files. Unfortunately, it is available only for iOS.

Exam Vocabulary Builder

This app was used by 6 million people, from freshmen to graduates, to improve their English vocabulary and language proficiency. It offers several modes for learning and preparing for English exams. Available for iOS only; Andriod users can use GRE Vocabulary Builder.


This app will meet your needs in English language learning offering 2 million definitions. It has such features as word origin and history, synonyms, antonyms, word of the day, thesaurus, etc. It can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.


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You shouldn’t think that Skype is only a communication app. Its features allow it to be a study app as well. You can take lessons, do homework with your friends, share your notes, etc. – all through Skype. It is available for any users – iOS, Android, Web, or Desktop.


This is an online education site that offers to take responsibility for your studying. Here you can find open online courses and curriculum materials of multiple colleges and universities, including such prestigious ones as Ivy League. Study at your own pace or prepare for entering the college of your dream.

Google Drive

It allows taking notes, creating spreadsheets, developing presentations, drawing diagrams, and storing all this useful stuff in the cloud. You can access this information anytime you need from your computer or mobile. Free sign-up, access from a gmail account, and apps for all platforms – what else do you need?

Brainscape – Smart Flash Cards

This app offers the brain games that help study languages, prepare to SAT, etc. Users can download flash cards or create them on their own. It is available for iOS only.

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This useful study tool allows you to create your own subject if you don’t find what you need in the store. Using flash cards with this app, you can facilitate your study process and diversify it. It s used for iOS and Android.

MyScript Smart Note

Today there are apps that help you take notes outside the classroom. MyScript Smart Note is the app that recognizes handwriting in many languages better than any other app of the same type. Moreover, it also lets you edit your handwriting, draw something, or insert images. Free to use for iOS and Android.


This app is truly the king of note-taking apps. It offers such features as composing, bookmarking, clipping, creating to-do lists, etc. If you want to pick only one app to facilitate your study process, it should be Evernote. It is available on all platforms as well as on the web.

May these apps help you study effectively and successfully!

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