Wanna Be Successful in Your Interview? Dress Properly!

When you have an upcoming job interview, there are lots of things to worry about: your CV and cover letter, professional skills, prior experience, communicative skills, and so on. Actually, this list goes on and on, depending on how much you worry and prone to stress and anxiety. However, one of the most important things, which you have to take into account before the interview, is your appearance and outfit. You should carefully choose what you are going to wear because it directly influences the impression, which you make on the interviewer.

Actually, different people have different opinions on how to choose the outfit. Some people claim that it is more important to stand out from the crowd, whereas the others think it is better to wear strict and not bright clothes. Actually, try to find a golden balance, select the clothes that look nice and modest, and in which you feel comfortable.
What is the use of wearing a tight classical skirt if it is hard for you to make a step in it? What is the point of wearing stilettos that cause blisters on your heels?

Tips on How to Dress Appropriately

  • First, think about the industry that you are going to work in. Second, keep in mind the location of the office/factory. Finally, take into account the weather conditions and the season of the year.
  • Search some extra information on the Internet about the company. Find some pictures of its workers. How do they look like? What outfit do they have? Do they wear formal clothes or semi-formal?
  • If you are still worrying what to wear, call the HR Department of the company and just ask what the preferable style of clothes is.
  • Anyway, when you are hesitating what to wear, it is always better to dress formally than casually.
  • If formal outfit is something new for you and you do not know what to buy, go to the store and ask the consultant to help you. Ensure that your clothes are properly cleaned and pressed.
  • Avoid wearing eau de cologne or perfume. Different people have different tastes and preferences, and thus some smells may seem pleasant for you but awful to other people.
  • Do not wear too much make-up (especially bright eye shadows or lipstick). The same is about jewelry, put on only something appropriate for your style of dressing.

Your choice of clothing can definitely influence your chances of getting a job. For example, if a woman is applying for a position of a stylist, but comes to the interview wearing jeans and a mousy sweater, with ponytail and without makeup, she will hardly succeed in getting the position.


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All in all, try to look at the situation from the perspective of a job interviewer. What kind of person would you be more likely to hire? What does he/she need to look like? What clothes or style would you prefer? What would influence the overall impression of a person? Ask yourself these questions and you will be more confident in choosing the right clothes.

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