7 Great Sports You Can Do in Pair

After I gave birth to my baby, I started thinking of engaging in a couple of sport activities as I needed to lose some weight. We used to be just Jeff and Chris, but after the child was born, we changed. I became lazy, especially in terms of exercising. It is really hard for me to get out of the house to run or cycle.

When I saw couples doing sports together, I started thinking that exercising with my partner was my way to being slim again. I considered all options and made a list of seven sports and activities that couples can do to stay healthy:

1.Badminton or Tennis

Since my dad is a big Wimbledon fan, he named me after Chris Evert, the American tennis player. I used to play tennis until 8, but then I changed it to badminton as the racket was too heavy. Unfortunately, I rarely participated in it after college. Still, I remember the great time I had then and think that these games are the best sports to try with your partner or with another couple.


Since Jeff is addicted to cycling, he looks miles better than I do. Even though I laugh about his toned legs sometimes, I admit that I am a bit jealous. Being a low-impact kind of sport, cycling does incredible things to your health. All you need is to get a good bike and choose a safe road.


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3.Rock Climbing

I do not have a chance to participate in this kind of activity since Jeff has bad knees, but I still think it is a great way to stay healthy. I know some pairs who love climbing, but the most professional couple is Jana and her husband, my German friends. They do it anywhere they can.


I have once interviewed a Philippine couple, Eleanor and Edward Hayco, who participated in dance that got to the Guinness World Record Book as the largest class that ever took place. Before he started dancing, Edward had irregular heartbeat that required lifelong treatment. Being his wife’s dance partner, Edward managed to recover.


You can conquer the world if you have a good pair of running shoes. I know many couples that enjoy running. Once I read an inspiring story about young partners who started running, cycling, and swimming to lose weight and amend health. I suppose their example will encourage everyone to go in for sports.


My friends keep telling me that they lost weight they gained with the help of boxing. You can try it with your partner. Why not? In any situation, you will be ready to punch him in his face if he refuses to help you around the house. Kidding!

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This activity is the ultimate one in my list as my husband, and I thought of it at once. Jeff broadcast so many volleyball games that he fell in love with this sport. I hope we will manage to play on the same team one day.

It’s much easier to take up new activities with someone else. Choose the sports you both like the most and have fun together!

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