How to Write a Good Citizenship Essay

It may be challenging for students to write an essay on such a broad and complex topic as citizenship. One may wonder where to begin, whether it is needed to define the concept of citizenship, whether it is essential to discuss all the pros and cons of being a citizen of a particular country, etc. All in all, a student may have multiple questions arise in his/ her mind. If you are such a student who is stuck with the topic of citizenship and does not know how to write a good citizenship essay, read on the following article and find some useful tips and hints on how to write a successful paper.

Where to Begin?

Before you write a citizenship essay, you should conduct a thorough research work on the topic and find credible sources that you could cite. Actually, if the topic is too broad and not specific, you need to narrow it down by focusing on one or only a few aspects of citizenship. As such, your further research and literature review should concern merely these aspects. Keep in mind that it is not possible to cover the whole topic within a limited number of pages, so make sure to maintain a single focus of the subject.


Number of pages

The Meaning of Citizenship

In the introductory paragraph, you may want to introduce the notion of citizenship and elaborate its meaning. Here you may write your own understanding or refer to some expert opinions found in reliable sources. Also, indicate whether the meaning of the word has changed over history: what meaning it had when it was used for the first time and what meaning it has now.

What Does It Mean to Be a Good Citizen?

Being a citizen means that one can enjoy certain freedoms and rights, also adhering to some rules and responsibilities according to the legislature of a specific country/ state/ city, etc. Every citizen expects to have convenient public transport, good employment opportunities, clean streets and parks, comfortable playgrounds, and so on. Therefore, it is also one of the responsibilities of a citizen to contribute to all these comforts and care about maintaining these facilities in a good order. If we want something to be provided to us, the question is: what do we do for it? If everyone asks himself/ herself this question and equally contributes to the general well-being, it will be more comfortable to live in the society and interact with the other people. Being compassionate about others and showing care and support are parts of civic consciousness. Moreover, being a good citizen means being supportive and caring of one’s neighbors. It is important to respect and take into consideration people living nearby. Such trivial things as partying at nights or switching on loud music in the early or late hours signify that you do not respect others’ boundaries. Just put yourself in the shoes of your neighbors: would you like your own neighbors to disturb your sleep?

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How to Write a Global Citizenship Essay?

Writing about being a global citizen differs from discussing what it is like to be a citizen of one country. We are more than just citizens of our towns, cities, states, and countries – we are citizens of the world, and it is particularly evident in the modern era of globalization when the borders are erasing and people have endless opportunities to travel, communicate, and cooperate with each other.

Hopefully, you have found these ideas useful and creative for writing your citizenship essay. Good luck!

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