Custom «Demographic Site Analysis: Code 62701 (Springfield, IL)» Sample Essay

Custom «Demographic Site Analysis: Code 62701 (Springfield, IL)» Sample Essay

Springfield, IL zip code 62701 is part of the capital city of the state of Illinois (abbreviated as IL) with a current estimated population of about 1,168 with a population density of 3,060.8 individuals per square mile. As part of the modern day Springfield, the area traces its origin to the late 1810s that was marked with the early settlements of European Americans. The area lies on a relatively flat topography that covers most of its neighborhood. Just like the larger Springfield area, zip code 62701 is a middle latitude location with the cold weather during winters and hot during summers (Maps, 2013).

As of the 2010 population estimates, the area’s population comprises of 75.8% Caucasian, 18.5% black American, 2.2% Asian American, 0.2% Native American, 2% Hispanic, and 2.6% of other minor races. This population is significantly spread out across ages with 14.4% over the age of 65, 23% from 45 to 64, 30% from 25 to 44, 9% from 18 to 24 years, and 28% below 18 years old. While the median age is 40 years, the male to female ratio is currently at 1: 0.67 (Maps, 2013).


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It is crucial to state that the area’s average income per household is currently estimated at USD 30, 000 with a per capita income close to USD 23, 324. The areas of the main sources of employment include energy, manufacturing, hospitality, and finance industry among others. The US Census Bureau also estimates the individuals who live below the globally known poverty line at 11.7%. Furthermore, with the school attendance at 21.3%, the area plays host to a variety of educational facilities like the State Board of Education, Springfield High school, Springfield Ballet Co, Lincoln Magnet School, Cathedral School, and St. John’s College. It is also home to the Southern Illinois University of Medicine (Zip, 2013).

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