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An Amish Murder: Gendered Depictions of Criminals and Agents of Social Control essay

Since the late 20th century, development of criminology has been marked by its fruitful cooperation with other branches of the scientific thought. Studies and experiments conducted on the edge between criminology and sociology, for example, have opened many theoretical and practical perspectives ... Read more »

Article V of the Constitution essay

Introduction A constitutional amendment refers to a formal alteration of the content of the written constitution of a nation or a state. Depending on the jurisdiction, it could be the text of the constitution that is altered, while in other cases, the text remains unchanged while the amendments ... Read more »

Demographic Site Analysis: Code 62701 (Springfield, IL) essay

Springfield, IL zip code 62701 is part of the capital city of the state of Illinois (abbreviated as IL) with a current estimated population of about 1,168 with a population density of 3,060.8 individuals per square mile. As part of the modern day Springfield, the area traces its origin to the late ... Read more »

Globally Focused Marketing Organizations essay

The article What drives performance in globally focused marketing organizations? A three-country study reveals researchers’ endeavor to detect and study the factors that make a significant impact on the development and prosperity of the global marketing organizations. Specifically, the ... Read more »

“In Search of the Spiritual,” written by Jerry Adler essay

Newsweek article titled “In Search of the Spiritual,” written by Jerry Adler is a remarkably interesting article that exposes numerous issues of religion and spirituality in the United States of America. Adler uses the article to present a complete and rich report on religion and the ... Read more »

It Cost Analysis essay

Ethnography is a qualitative research method that focuses on the ways of life of different social groups or people with common cultural identity. It may also mean the written or graphical representation of information about people of a given social unit with similar close cultural ties. Ethnography ... Read more »

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Criminal Activities essay

Introduction Serial killing has developed into a field of considerable interest and widespread debate in the contemporary western society. The mainstream media, especially in the United States, perceives serial killing as an all-American paradox (Purcell & Arrigo, 2006). Perhaps the society ... Read more »

Leviathan Analysis essay

Thomas Hobbes sees the world as a materialistic entity because he believes that the world is a plenum, which means that the entire universe comprises of bodies and is not a vacuum or space. Hobbes explains that any action or occurrence on earth comes about because of the movement of present bodies. ... Read more »

Plato/Thoreau essay

In the Plato’s “Allegory of a Cave,” and Thoreau’s “A Civil Disobedience,” which are two different essays separated by thousands of years, share numerous commonalities. In most instances, people consider emotion as more crucial and impressionable than logic when ... Read more »

Seeing Jesus in Toast: Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Face Pareidolia essay

Cognitive psychology studies the ways in which the information, obtained by human’s olfactory organs, is transmitted into brain impulses. In addition, it explores the mechanisms that are involved while the information is processed, acknowledged and stored. Moreover, this field of science ... Read more »

Subject: Barnett’s Bicycle User Manual Analysis essay

Operation of any form of production machinery requires the buyer to be supplied with the correct information regarding the use of the product. For this purpose, the Barnett bicycle factory recognizes the importance of incorporating a bicycle user manual for every product they sell. The Barnett ... Read more »

Summary and Evaluation essay

Summery and Evaluation of Article “South by Southwest: A Space Tourist Makes His Case” Summery   Jeffrey Kluger’s article titled “South by Southwest: A Space Tourist Makes His Case” is basically about the prominent personality, Richard Garriott. The main point ... Read more »

Teenage Driving Argumentative Essay essay

Introduction Many studies regarding teenage driving have presented divers arguments presently and in the past. As much as many are against teenage driving, some support teenage drivers. Many teenager always dream of owning a car. In most developed countries many grandparents, parents, and capable ... Read more »

Television Show Analysis: Friends “The One after Vegas” essay

My main objective in this article is to conduct a technical analysis of a television show that caught my interest upon viewing. In doing so, I will offer personal opinions on the story, the characters, the shot’s achievement, the lighting functions, and camera angle alignment, among others. ... Read more »

The Problem of Refugees in Canada essay

The author examines the problem of refugees in Canada and sees its solution in the effective investment. However, the difficulty is that the it is not always within the government’s remit to control the flow of refugees, thereby creating unfavorable conditions for their settlement and ... Read more »

This I Believe essay

Essay I: Sex with the Famous by Devon This article is written about social life. I was attracted by the need to more about the Woods sex scandals that hit all the media houses across the globe. The author ends the brief story with a warning to the readers to avoid falling in the traps of the sexual ... Read more »

Using Websites and Search Engines essay

The PICO question: Do educational programs for HIV/AIDS patients lead to the reduction of stigma faced by search people in the society? List the number of “hits” that were returned. The number of hits that were returned was 100,000. How does this search engine rate and rank the ... Read more »
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