Custom «“In Search of the Spiritual,” written by Jerry Adler» Sample Essay

Custom «“In Search of the Spiritual,” written by Jerry Adler» Sample Essay

Newsweek article titled “In Search of the Spiritual,” written by Jerry Adler is a remarkably interesting article that exposes numerous issues of religion and spirituality in the United States of America. Adler uses the article to present a complete and rich report on religion and the idea of spirituality. The article comprises both statistics and practices that guide and some misguide the people with regard to religion and spirituality. This essay presents an account based on Adler’s take on spirituality, religion and culture in a broader perspective.

To begin, Adler suggests that American people seek personal, ecstatic experiences of God. In his contention concerning a generation ago, he reviews the manner in which Americans have been growing distant from spirituality. He further argues that across the globe, Islam and Protestantism have come to the forefront. The author further asserts that increase in spirituality among Americans have least contributed to an increase in church attendance. Many people are moving away from churches because of spirituality and when one looks at the attendance of most church services, this is evident.


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Secondly, the author contends that increase in diversity in America is the reason behind the degree of inclusiveness that is the likely cause of scandalized earlier generation. America is a land that is full of mixed cultures because of the diversity. Cross-cultural psychology refers to the scientific research about the behavior of human beings and their emotional processes, which comprise of both their invariance and unpredictability, under unique cultural circumstances (Smith et al. 2006). The Latinos are a good example of American people who struggled in preserving their culture, while pursuing the American dream. This is a good account that the American society is one of the most heterogeneous societies in the world, making the study of culture an important aspect of the society. This is why Adler finds it necessary to incorporate culture in helping understand the perceptions of religions in America (Adler, 2013). This is because culture is one of the main ingredients that give Americans a sense of belonging and identity. Americans base their culture on strict values and beliefs that dictate their codes of conduct. Culture is the root of morality since it defines what is right or wrong even though it may differ from one community to the other.

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Thirdly, it is noteworthy that America remains a rich nation, spiritually and culturally. The Newsweek’s cover feature titled “In Search of the Spiritual” is a tool that the author used to show the diversity of American spirituality. As much as the article touches various religions and spiritual practices, it was sad to note that it lacked relevant or comprehensive information. This is evident particularly in the Adler’s reference to some of the less mainstream practices. According to Adler, the sociological condition he uses is to offer a comparison of religious view of the American society in the 1960s to the present (Adler, 2013). The author clearly affirms that to some extent, the American sociological setting played a big role in the changes in religion from 1960s to present.

Finally, there are huge numbers of American people who care little about their neighbors and they are hell bent on introducing their views into American politics. Whatever happens at the church leaves many questions unanswered and that is why the author begins by indicating that Americans are looking for personal ecstatic experiences of God. For example when one considers what Pat Robertson said in the church, calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, which is astonishing. This news on Venezuela Christian televangelist, Pat Robertson indicating that, “I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.” This is a true revelation that churches have lately embraced politics to a greater level (Adler, 2013).

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It is evident that the article “In Search of the Spiritual,” written by Jerry Adler is incredibly interesting article on the current state of spirituality and religion in America. This article stands for a definite trend in search of religion, spirituality and God outside the church. This is why Adler says that he does not understand what goes on in most mega churches in America today, where the capacity is roughly 8,000 worshipers. Many people become evangelical preachers who act as political power brokers. Adler affirms that the search for religion and spirituality remains a quagmire to the American society and the world at large. 

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