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Subject: Barnett’s Bicycle User Manual Analysis

Buy custom Subject: Barnett’s Bicycle User Manual Analysis essay

Buy custom Subject: Barnett’s Bicycle User Manual Analysis essay

Operation of any form of production machinery requires the buyer to be supplied with the correct information regarding the use of the product. For this purpose, the Barnett bicycle factory recognizes the importance of incorporating a bicycle user manual for every product they sell. The Barnett bicycle factory identifies the need for their customers to be knowledgeable in the operations of the bicycle. For this purpose, they attach an operator’s manual for each individual bicycle. Barnett’s bicycle manual outlines how to assemble the various bicycle parts and how to self-diagnose problems and fix the problems. After a careful study of the operator’s manual, the user will be able to comfortably handle and operate the Barnett bicycle (Ballantine 20-6).

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To carry out the research on the Barnett bicycle’s user manual and its effectiveness, I employed primary research methods. I personally researched the bicycle manual and similar samples in order to compare the Barnett manual and other company manuals to check if the Barnett manual was up to the ccepted standards, and if not whether the manual could be improved to better serve the users. I also gave out questionnaires to bicycle owners who had made use of the manual to find out whether the manual was of any help to the end users (Connellan 21).

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The first step is to assemble the frame of the bicycle assembling them according to the numbers they are given. After the frame assembly, what follows is fixing the handle to the bicycle frame. After affixing the handle and frame, the next step is connecting the bicycle tires with the frame and fixing the brakes. All connections should be tightened to the indicated standards. The bicycle is fully ready for use. The bicycle also sells fully assembled bicycles for customers who do not have to transport the bicycle for long distances.

The manual also contains problem diagnosis chapter where the customer can identify the problem affecting the bicycle and the easiest method to repair the problem. It has a step-by-step formula of tracing the problem and solving it. For problems affecting the bicycle tubes, the user iss required to identify the puncture by inflating the tube then immersing the tube in water and identifying the puncture by the presence of bubbles. For worn out parts the user will identify the part and its name, purchase the part from Barnett shops and suppliers countrywide, and replace it individually or one can seek the services of bicycle mechanic shops that are found in most neighborhoods (Barnett 1-10). 

The memo also contains the manufacturers contact detail including the website where one can learn much more about the bicycle operations and the help desk in case of customer complaint. The manual also declares that Barnett Bicycle Company is an environmentally friendly factory, which ensures that 100 percent of the materials used to manufacture the bicycle are all recyclable with a guarantee of payback when old for recycling purposes. From the basis of the research findings, I can comfortably say that the Barnett user manual is effective in its purpose of informing the user with the exact details of the product they have purchased thus making it easier for operating the bicycle.

Buy custom Subject: Barnett’s Bicycle User Manual Analysis essay

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