Custom «This I Believe» Sample Essay

Custom «This I Believe» Sample Essay

Essay I: Sex with the Famous by Devon

This article is written about social life. I was attracted by the need to more about the Woods sex scandals that hit all the media houses across the globe. The author ends the brief story with a warning to the readers to avoid falling in the traps of the sexual desires of the famous people. This is because in as much as people believe they are better than anybody else; they are just as human beings as the rest. It would be appropriate in class due to its call for the audience to respect their bodies.

Essay II: Living in Manageable Moments by Edie, E. F

This essay is on addiction; a problem that the young generations are most vulnerable to. The author recognizes that it is always a challenge to let go of an addiction problem. It needs a moment of courage and decisiveness to make a choice and quit. It takes just a moment to decide whether or not to become a better person. This is a very good piece of advice that readers who would like to change the society must read.


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Essay III:I Am a Racist and So Are You by Chinere.

This essay falls under the category of essays on discrimination. The article is based on the experience of the author of undertaking implicit racial prejudice test organized in Harvard. Like the author, most people are victims when it comes to the perception that they hold about other races. The advice is that people should try their best to avoid inequities in the society and create a better place to live in. Race is a sensitive issue in the society and it would be vital for the class to develop a sense of reconciliation for a harmonious co-existence.

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