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The teaching staff at colleges, high schools and universities prefers to check the knowledge and skills of their students with the help of multiple choice questions writing assignments. 

Such questions, in the majority of cases, comprise a stem or phrase, which is usually followed by 3 to 5 options or alternatives. 

Test Strategies that Can Be Utilized to Handle Multiple Choice Questions

  • Read all the requirements or directions very carefully and diligently;
  • Know whether every question has only one or, maybe, more right options;
  • Find out whether you could be penalized for your guess;
  • Clear out how much time you are provided with (this will help you in choosing the correct strategy);
  • Preview your difficult test;
  • Look through your test as quickly as only possible and give answers to those questions you are 100% sure of;
  • Read through your assignment once again and try to give answers to more complicated and tricky questions;
  • If you are good at time management, review your questions, as well as answers given;
  • Be very scrupulous as there is a possibility that you misunderstood the questions provided from the very beginning.


Number of pages

Options Applied while Answering the Written Multiple Choice Tasks

  • Always try to ponder in a critical way;
  • Cover all the options provided and only then try to give answers;
  • Select the best option, which suits your answer perfectly;
  • Read the stem with every option provided;
  • Treat every option as if you dealt with true-false questions, and mark the "most truthful one." 

Strategies Applied to Give Answers to Complicated Questions Indicated in the Test

  • Eliminate those options that you are aware to be definitely incorrect;
  • If your teacher allows, mark those alternatives in the questions set to eliminate the options;
  • Give every option of the question the "false-true test;"
  • If you do this, you will be able to reduce your choice to the most appropriate answer;
  • The question options that are unfamiliar or look bizarre to you;
  • The question options that comprise absolute or negative words.
  • Take into account that in case you are sure that two of five options look correct, "all of the above indicated" is a strong and tough possibility.
  • In case several options appear correct, try to compare them first, then refer to the key stem so as to find the best answer possible. 

Guessing: Good or Bad

  • Always find out whether there is a kind of penalty for guessing;
  • Avoid guessing if you could be penalized for doing this;
  • Utilize practical hints from the questions set that you do know to give answers questions you do not.
  • Change your answers when you are 100% aware of your answer. 

Take into consideration that you are searching for the right answer only.

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These questions are calculated considering the “5 questions per page” rule.

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