Deaf like Me Essay

The book “Deaf Like Me” describes the life of a family, in which a deaf girl grows up. This is not a fictional story, but an autobiographical work that conveys the author’s real experiences. Thomas Spradley tells the story of his family. His wife got rubella during pregnancy, and their daughter Lynn was born deaf. They faced many difficulties but were able to overcome them together.

It is known that 80% of children with hearing impairments are born in the families of hearing parents. A deaf child can be adapted in the society of people with hearing impairments and experience elements of social deprivation in relation to the society of hearing. Mutual misunderstanding in the process of social contacts causes a significant uniqueness in the emotional relations of deaf children with others. However, with active work and the right attitude to the child, both outside and inside the family, it is possible to achieve significant success in the socialization of the child with hearing impairment. That is why it is so important and relevant today to understand the value and importance of the family in adapting children with such problems.


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The Role of the Family in the Social Adaptation of Children

The need to provide special psychological assistance to such families arises due to the huge number of various problems with which these families meet every day. The creation of a favorable rehabilitation and correctional-learning environment for the child during his or her stay at home is crucial. It requires a certain amount of knowledge from parents to help them understand the needs and capabilities of the child. They should also possess practical skills that allow them to communicate with the child and educate him or her properly. Providing psychological assistance to families allows optimizing personal and interpersonal problems that arise as a result of the birth of a child with developmental disabilities. The main goal in such work is to change the self-consciousness of the parent, namely, to form a positive perception of the personality of the child with hearing impairment. The book by Thomas Spradley is an example for many parents who encounter difficulties. It shows the correct pattern of behavior of parents and other family members.

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Parents want to raise and educate deaf children in the family due to the desire to develop the child’s mental abilities and to attach to everything that is available to their hearing peers. Parents should seek not to miss the early and preschool years that are most important for development and learning, should realize that during this period many skills are formed and the character of the child is laid. Spradley argues that in order to form a harmonious personality, the child should develop adequate self-esteem, which is necessary for establishing proper relationships with other people; an adult should love and understand the child. The book “Deaf Like Me” will teach you to be kind and understanding parents.

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