Animal Testing Essay

When debating on animal testing, which is regarded as one of the most controversial issues nowadays, all sides of the problem should be taken into consideration. Because of its bilateral nature, animal the testing topic is good for writing an argumentative essay, where solid opinions of public, government and scientists are represented and compared and with the help of which, a person can choose his or her for/against position.

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Animal Testing Debate

According to the statistics, millions of animals are annually used for various scientific and commercial testing. Thought, such a method of determination of the medications toxicity and development of new medical treatments is aimed at creating safe products for a good cause of humanity, does it worth animals’ suffering?

The difficulties in finding a solution to the animal testing problem and reaching an agreement among scientists and animals rights activists lies in a fact that each side has solid opinions, which stand for its grounds.


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On the one hand, animal testing prevents humans from consuming potentially harmful chemicals and toxins in cosmetic products, household compounds and pharmaceutical products. On the other hand, we receive high-quality products through inhumane treatment that animals are possible to experience, most of which injure poor beasts and cause animal death.

Holding experiments on animals help medical researchers to develop and find effective drugs and treatment, which help to prevent and cure many diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, leukemia, stroke, tuberculosis, and many others. The counterargument, though, insists on the fact that testing animals kept in captivity, in the unnatural surrounding and under constant stress doesn’t contribute to medical background. It is proven that the reaction of the animal’s body to the drugs is not the same as that of the human body. Hence, the validity of animal testing is under question.

While animal testing is already forbidden in the European Union countries, Norway, Israel, and India, it is still legal in many other countries. It is a personal choice whether to support animal testing for humans’ health improvement or to fight against the experiments, seeing them as unnecessary cruel methods of aimed at developing science and looking for alternative solutions.

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