Does Color Improve Our Memory?

Human’s memory and the way it works remains to be the most interesting issue to the vast majority of researchers. Not only the processes of comprehension, encoding, storing and retrieving the necessary information in and from our memory, but also the ways we can improve the memory performance are thoroughly investigated by cognitive scientists. We are going to discuss the importance of our visual experience and its influence on our ability to memorize and recall events better.

The part of human brain responsible for visual processing of shapes and colors is called occipital lobe. While perceiving information or paying attention to certain things, we force our brains and memory work. The first thing our brain remembers appears to be nothing else but color. Color refers to the vital element of our visual experience and is considered to have a great impact on learning and remembering processes. It is the stimuli for our brain to notice the information and transfer it to the more permanent memory storage.


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Using colors is an effective way to memorize a certain event or data. Colors function as linking information channels between human cognitive system and the work of our brains. In their studies, Greene, Bell and Boyer explained that bright warm colors increase our attention and help us to hold information in our memory as well as to retrieve it faster. Moreover, colors play an important role when we talk about emotional arousal and memory. According to the conducted experiments, certain colors are prone to arouse certain emotional effect. Depending on the emotional element, to which a specific type of color is attached, the emotional arousal of a person may vary to different degrees.

There are various mnemonics techniques that use color as an effective tool to learn, memorize or simply attract attention of human cognition. Color techniques are widely used in education, marketing and communication and are considered as the significant element in affecting human's attitude, decision making, attention and ability to grasp.

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