Useful hints to improve your study skills

Don’t you know how to make yourself study? Or are your results not as good as you wisht? Even if your methods of studying are inefficient or you have poor study skills this is not a problem. Some simple tricks can help you to unveil your potential. These tips are useful for thosewho wants to succeed in studying. And it doesn’t matter how old you are or how hard you try to absorb knowledge. The rules stated below are useful for everyone with no exception. So, take notice and enjoy!

Rule 1. Make breaks and get enough rest.

Have you ever noticed that long session of concentration makes you more tired than short-term loads? Short bursts of studying are much more efficient as they enable your brain to digest the information you learn. To memorize something, you don’t need to study for hours. In contrast, you just need to refresh yourself, meaning enough rest up to one day. So, if you don’t want to become exhausted, stressed and troublesome, split your time between work and relaxation.


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Rule №2. Do revision of the material as soon as possible and use your imagination.

Try to capture the information you’ve learned in your memory the same day. Especially do it when the data seem hard to keep in mind. Moreover, our brain functions like a deep bag which you fill up with new knowledge every day. And it is not made of rubber to keep all the information we want to remember. That’s why some facts especially the ones you learnt in the past fade with time.

Make use of a kind of exaggeration. Why do people who study foreign languages exaggerate pronunciation of some letters? Such sounds help them to remember new information more explicitly? Or why do sportsmen overburden themselves during training? In both mentioned examples exaggeration is used to memorize certain skills.

Rule № 3. Prepare your own study environment.

Pay attention to those things and equipment that help you concentrate. For example, some people need silence, so nothing disturbs them, whereas others prefer special lights or music background. Try to take such peculiarities into consideration.

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Rule № 4. Set only reachable goals and try to avoid frustration.

Do not set your goals too high at once. It would be much easier to achieve your targets gradually – from simple to complicated ones, from short-term to long-term goals. Just follow your dreams, believe in yourself and move forward in spite of the obstacles you are bound to face. Exert yourself to do your best to cope with frustrations if any.

To sum up, it would be better to advise you not try to chase rainbows. You need to have your brain and body work together in order to function properly. Try to revise your study approaches to release your potential and never give up!

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