Sample Essay on Cyber Bullying

With the development of the information era, bullying has changed its nature from physical to cyber, and the Internet has become a breeding ground for its dissemination. In recent years, there have been several concerns regarding cyber bullying, including the issue itself, the impact of cyber bullying, its signs and parents’ worries of how to help their kids or prevent a child from being hurt by the social media bullying mainstream. Below, there is a sample essay on cyber bullying and its impact on teenagers.

Nowadays, kids have started using digital technologies, mobile phones and the Internet as well as interactive tools such as social media sites, text and voice messages from a very young age. It both has advantages, like social contact with friends and relatives, entertainment and studying assistance, and disadvantages, the main of which is the threat of being cyber bullied.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying deals with teen’s humiliation and has become a pivotal problem of the modern society. It involves rude, aggressive text messages and emails, gossips and anonymous spread of personal information via social networking and websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, etc.


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Signs and Effects of Cyber Bullying

The teenagers, who have become victims of inappropriate behavior of other young people may be emotionally unstable, show signs of unreasonable depression, alienate themselves from parents and friends or play truant at school. In such a way they are trying to stay in solitude and avoid any provocations of cyber bullying. This kind of harassment is hazardous as it can be committed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which may decrease the kid’s self-esteem, disturb the child’s nervous system and in some cases lead to lethal consequences.

Long-term bullying often results in a victim’s reserved behavior and high level of conspiracy of his or her digital live. Very often, bullied kids develop a lack of self-confidence and feel ashamed because of disrespectful social status among peers.

How Can Cyber Bullying Be Prevented?

Although it seems to be hard to monitor your kid’s social network life, it is still possible. Parental control filtering software and monitoring programs can help adults stay aware of their children’s online communications. Moreover, a responsible parent should always keep an eye on favorite sites of the offspring and encourage a kid to be frank if any trouble occurs.

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In case you’ve discovered that your kid is cyber bullied, make sure you provide your child with support, love, comfort and clear explanation that it’s not his or her fault and that the best way to escape from further bullying is to talk about it with adults in order to find the right solution.

Cyber bullying shouldn’t be the reason of kid’s mental and nervous disorders. It should be highly monitored by parents as well as Congress in order to promote the well-being of the young population.

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