How to Make Your Introduction Gripping and Absorbing

The introduction is the most significant section of an essay that works as the attention grabber and lets the readers understand what they are going to find out. The first sentence should be as important as the thesis statement. Therefore, it is important to navigate your audience right to the main point, and a solid introduction will definitely help you with it.

Learning to Create the Opening Sentence of the Article

You should begin your essay with one thing in mind – catch your readers’ attention and hold it until the turning point. That is why beginning your paper with a general statement is a horrible idea. People are smart nowadays and do not want to waste their time on useless ideas they already might be aware of. Your task is to amaze the people, introduce them something great and striking.

Personal Experience

It is quite beneficial to begin your sentence with something unique; something that had never been heard before. Luckily, your personal experience is enough to describe any situation and bring it to the public in a creative way. However, you should avoid the pattern of restating the question as you do it in the class. You can start with some sort of intrigue and proceed with it in the context soon. Readers demand action. That is why under no circumstances use those clichés and other well-known phrases: be resourceful and learn how to amaze the public with your own experience right from the beginning.


Number of pages

Original Move

In case you are composing an admission essay, you should remember to introduce yourself in a way the committee remembered you. No need to include all facts in the beginning – just take care of the most unforgettable piece of your life that will reminisce about your personality every time they see your surname.

Solve the Problem

Show the issue of your life and slowly drag the readers through its solution as you introduce yourself to the admission officer. Make sure your problem is relevant to the essay direction and opens the best qualities that you are eager to demonstrate. Especially helpful are social issues where you have to find an in-depth understanding and show how committed you were to find the solution. Also, your personal problems may show the determination and single-minded character that struggled to achieve the solution.

Be Unusual

How about making a joke about the educational establishment you are going to enter? This might be a risky part; however, if the point is made extremely well, readers’ attention is yours. Think what might impress the target audience and work towards the development of this idea. Never try to insult anybody’s feelings and make politically and religiously indifferent jokes. Keep the same style and do not betray it till the end of the essay – the reader will not excuse you such abrupt change as it is really difficult to accustom for the second time. Be brief, precise, and write wisely.

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