Custom «Transactional, Transformational and Pseudo-Transformational Leadership» Sample Essay

Custom «Transactional, Transformational and Pseudo-Transformational Leadership» Sample Essay

Transactional leader is focused on conditional rewards. The leadership involves an exchange process between the leader and his followers. Efforts by the follower are exchanged for specific rewards. For example, a parent, who negotiates with a child on how much of playtime should be spent on finishing homework, uses contingent reward. The leaders also practice corrective criticism by carefully monitoring the subordinates to point out mistakes and take corrective action by discussing it with the subordinates. Transformational leadership empowers one to do more, and the personalities of both the leader and the followers of such the leaders are strong role models. Gandhi used this to raise the hopes and satisfy the demands of many.

Pseudo-transformational leadership is the type of leadership that does not improve the moralities of either party. The leaders are exploitative and power oriented. Adolf Hitler is an example of such a leader.

Examples of transformational leaders are the following: Bill Gates, a non-executive chairman of Microsoft, Michel Dell, the founder of Dell Corporation, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Martin Luther King Jr, and Walt Disney among others.


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Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership represents the leaders that lead by example. They do not ask others to carry out tasks that they are reluctant to do themselves. This kind of leadership is important to the public, since such leaders are able to produce changes that are real and lasting.

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