Custom «Audience Based Reasoning» Sample Essay

Custom «Audience Based Reasoning» Sample Essay

This refers to identification of the audience by the speaker in order to adapt a speech of interest to them, a speech they can easily understand, and one that conforms to their beliefs. In analyzing the audience, the speaker has to be aware that the audience has their expectations about any occasion and the violation of these expectations results to a negative impact on the success of the speech.

A communicator should do some research on what the audience already know about a topic. It would be unwise to underestimate their knowledge since this will make the speech sound condescending. An overestimation of the audience knowledge on a topic results to them losing interest in the speech. It is hence wise to have a brief explanation of terms in the area of discussion so that everyone is on the same page.

The attitude of the audience concerning a particular topic is crucial for the speaker to be at a position to determine the best route to reach their goals. A speaker should also note that most audiences are egocentric to mean that they only go for what directly relates to them. A speaker in this case ought to prove to the audience why his topic is important to them.


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In delivering this speech, the speaker weakens it by straying from his topic. The aim is to talk about students suffering, but he goes off to talk of the students dream after school. He goes on to compare UTSA with other schools regarding the performance, which in this context is not necessary. The growth of the economy by the student’s money appears misdirected since it portrays a selfish motive by the administration and the mention of it can cause the students to even riot.

The speaker also jumps too fast to the conclusion that the students opinion has been rejected which may not be the case. It is also unnecessary to circle too much on the sufferings and its effects on many of the students. What the audience requires in this instance is the hearing of their views and a solution to it granted.

On the strong use, the speaker clearly sites the problem that the students are facing as lack of enough subjects available in the summer making it impossible for students to graduate in four years. He goes on to site the possible solutions to this problem and asks for a consideration by the administration. This is the best way to handle the issue keeping in mind that the audience is eager for a solution to the issue they have presented.

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