Custom «Personnel Security» Sample Essay

Custom «Personnel Security» Sample Essay

In any organization, information plays a critical role in undertaking operations. Information security assists in protecting organizational data that are shared between customers and vendors during business operations. In addition, information security creates a strong foundation for both internal and external organizational operations (Alexander, 2008).

It guarantees data integrity and confidentiality between the organizational management and its stakeholders. It puts policies, technical mechanisms, and procedures on track to detect any available threat that may occur in the organization.

Informational security also seeks and ensures security of information systems. Furthermore, personnel security protects the organizational assets from unauthorized access, disruption, disclosure or even improper use.

Also, they ensure accessibility and availability of information to legal users who are authorized by the organization (Alexander, 2008). By doing so, they ensure that the organization data and assets are free of fraud, destruction, and modification by external agents.


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Informational security also protects the organization data from data thieves. This ensures organizational confidentiality in all organization’s process. In other cases, personal security safeguards the embezzlement of organizational funds by its customers, employees, stakeholders or shareholders.

Personnel security ensures a proof from the external threats and frauds. Thus, it ensures that the organization does not incur losses through data theft or modification by frauds (Westport, 2006). Furthermore, it ensures firm scrutinization of vulnerability of the organization to threats. This provides maximum protection of organization systems and assets at large.

In most cases, informational security ensures that all information collected is stored in informational perspective.

Personnel security ensures organization trust and credibility by helping in employee and stakeholder screening that ensures that people working in the organization are credible. Important trainer information is guarded to ensure confidentiality of organization information (Alexander, 2008). Mostly, it guarantees that asset processes are followed to ensure organization flexibility in assets protection.

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Variously, personnel security and informational security ensure an easy way of procedure execution. By doing so, great back-up is there in training employees and testing their application of procedure production. Personnel security also enhances strongholds on employee top form and ensures their effectiveness in assets production, protection and maintenance (McIlwraith, 2006).

Personnel security guards the organizational assets from deliberate destruction. This may arise from consumers, competitors, and stakeholders. In other fields, it boosts security of assets by guarding communication systems, physical facilities, and process management. In this, clear definition filter of information entering and leaving the organization is done (Alexander, 2008).

Informational security provides for authentication of data, which enables clients to access information that they may find of helpful. In other cases, it promotes client authorization and denial to access organization database or assets framework. Thus, it may grant a client asset update, access or the right to erase the containment of informational organizational assets.

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Accountability characterization is also enhanced by informational security. This involves dedication of every critical organizational asset to security personnel (McIlwraith, 2006). Personnel security may provide audit logs, which offer assets surveillance and security.

In the protection of critical assets, information security ensures tight security against data leakage, server, and website hacking. Personnel security ensures validation, evaluation, and certification of technological assurance to product and asset protection.

They also ensure continuous assessment of risk of organizational systems that, in turn, promotes assets and organization operations. Also, it sets designated procedures and policies that aim to minimize asset security risk.

Personnel security ensures the continuous evaluation and monitoring of efficiency of organization security asset policies. It also provides asset security knowledge, training and skills to both internal organization management and contractors (McIlwraith, 2006).

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In conclusion, it offers a tested security tight working environment that ensures organizational assets protection.

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