Custom «Following Your Inner Voice» Sample Essay

Custom «Following Your Inner Voice» Sample Essay

‘Do not let the voice of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.’ The main notions that Steve Jobs had left remain controversial and questionable.

Renowned the world over for his entrepreneurial capabilities, Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators of all times. He had humble beginning in the C.E.O which was one of the greatest computer companies. Moreover it is an inspirational story and people should learn from it. Growing up, Steve Jobs had a rough time. He grew up knowing that his biological parents had put him up for adoption when he was just a baby.

The fact that Steve Jobs did not graduated from the college, did not prevent him from being the greatest entrepreneur, whose iconic products have changed the face of technology. It is considered as another success story that people can draw encouragement from. Today, Steve Jobs is immortalized in his legendary electronic products such as IPhone, IPod, IPad, and MacBook. His acumen in entrepreneurship transformed the electronic world. He joined the league of people like Bill Gates, who followed their passion. Both of them had dropped out of college to pursue the dream in their hearts.


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It would be worth mentioning that Steve Jobs had no initial capital. He resolved to succeed in life despite all difficulties which he faced while forming his first company in his early twenties. He was able to convince a computer company he approached and when he later bought a significant shareholding from it, is another story of success. In his world, failure never existed. Perhaps his desire to succeed is a brilliant example which the youth all over the world should emulate. Success is not the consequence of the education; success comes from determination to succeed.

Therefore, giving advice to students he insisted on following their inner voice and to ignore others’ opinions about them. He was underlying that for one to succeed they must follow their dreams. Nobody should discourage them. In life, it does not matter where you come from. What really matters is what you can do to change your life for better.

There always will be obstacles in life. Moreover, there always will be challenges in life. People will often discourage you. They will laugh off your ideas, but if you stick to your dreams and passions, and have a strong conviction to succeed, then you are bound to succeed. Oprah Winfrey succeeded despite a humble beginning. Life is about the choices we make and people are what they say and do.

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