Custom «Marketing Research» Sample Essay

Custom «Marketing Research» Sample Essay


Marketing help firms to communicate the value their products and services to their customers. Marketing aims selling the products and services to customers to build a long-term rapport between the seller and buyers. There are basic components of marketing, which include branding, segmentation, social marketing, advertising, public relations, image selling and continued research. For this case, the paper will focus on Macy’s, which is peculiarly different from other retail stores.

Macy’s Retail Store (NY)

When it comes to shopping in New York, the options are immeasurable. This is because there are numerous, good departmental stores in New York City. Some of them include Bloomingdale and Macy’s retail stores. For this case, the paper will focus on Macy’s, which is particularly different from other retail stores. This store offers special events such as flower shows, celebrity appearances, and fashion extravaganzas that attract numerous buyers to the store. William asserts, “Beyond fantastic events, Macy’s deliver magical moment to its customers both online and via mobile devices.” Their major form of advertisement aims at engaging customers in stores, blogs and websites, style magazines, TV shows and magazines. Macy’s use their associates to assist customers in need and they receive thousands of messages complementing them for the best shopping experience. Localization is the key component of the store’s strategic formula for continued expansion and triumph (William, 2009).       


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Macy’s insists on using public relation as an essential part of marketing in the global competitive market. Macy’s ensures that it communicates with their employees, customers, stakeholders, channel chambers, potential investors, public and the government. For firms to develop their image in the market, building of reputation becomes a major priority that Macy’s invests greatly. Good image of a firm attracts investors, employees and customers. Additionally, sales promotion that acts as inducements mainly encourages buyers or consumers to purchase a particular product instantaneously. Unlike advertisement whose major goal is to influence long-term buying behavior, sales promotions aim at ensuring that buyers purchase the product instantly. Macy’s uses both sales promotion and advertisement to sell its products. Macy’s uses commercials, which is visible on their website through a link called Macy’s TV focuses on influencing the decision of female customers (Jan, 2006).   

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Macy’s is an incredible example of a retail store that aims at growing together with its customers. Macy’s Retail Store promotes every customer who purchases more goods and frequent customers receive goods on credit. This promotes good business relationship with its customers. Macy’s store should encourage the use of current technology to strengthen its online shops. 

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