Custom «New Era for Newark and Power» Sample Essay

Custom «New Era for Newark and Power» Sample Essay

Cory Booker is ambitious. The mayor has high dreams for his city and has an aim of setting a national standard, which will be an example for others to follow. Cory Booker is also committed to his work. His commitment shows when he joins the Newark police officers as they patrolled the city at night until dawn. This was a good example to the city police officers and an assurance of safety to the Newark city dwellers. Cory Booker is focused. He puts a lot of effort to ensure that the students who are to be the future leaders get a good education. He does this by raising money through private donors to develop Newark’s charter schools.

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Cory Booker is a transformational leader. He has already started his work in the city development for example; he has already collected money to develop the Newark’s chatter schools among other direct efforts that he has undertaken on behalf of the Newark city. His commitment to get firsthand information concerning crime in the area shows his devotion as a leader. The fact that the 2009 U.S News & Report named him as one of  America’s Best Leaders is a clear sign that he has demonstrated his leadership capabilities in Newark city and the fame of his works have spread far.


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From his commitment, ambition, and hard work, Cory Booker may benefit by a reelection as a mayor, or to another higher post of his liking. The use of his website page to express his dreams and plans will enable him to reach many of his followers and he will be in a position to respond to their comments through the same.

Power Uses and Abuse at Work

Power is the glue that holds the organizations together and gives it a sense of control. Power is what keeps away chaos in organizations (Debra, 2010). Power can be misused when a leader meets resistance and decides to withdraw and wait for a chance that will be to his advantage. Leaders can also misuse power by winding up, getting less interested or losing control when a challenge occurs.

Power is well used when a leader in an organization is decision-conscious and prefers to cooperate with the juniors other than push for respect of authority. They face challenges with open minds and respond to the situation cooperatively.

Sources of Individual Power

Power in an organization is something that people give. The ability to make things happen is dependent on others willingness to let it happen. The people consciously or unconsciously choose to pay attention and allow one to influence them and follow his decision. Hence, an individual’s power lies in the hands of the other people. 

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The Power of Empowerment

Empowerment refers to fully giving authority to an individual. Empowerment is a process, which challenges one’s assumption about how things are presently and how they can be in the future. Empowerment is hence possible only if power can change and that power can expand.

Dealing with Organization Policy

When dealing with organization politics, it is essential to prepare well before handling the issue. To tackle these politics, one has to have facts as a method of diffusing the politics, one has to admit mistakes, but this should be done sparingly so as not to give rise to questioning of one’s competence. It is wise to understand where questions are leading, especially in a politically stimulated environment; this is in order to adjust accordingly (John, 2011). One should also stand his ground regardless of opposition if what he is doing is right and for the benefit of the organization.

Managing Information as a Means of Power

Information sharing among members of an organization is critical for an organization’s competitiveness. A leader in an organization should know that undistorted and up-to-date information in regards to supply and demand is the key to organizations’ profitability (John, 2011). Restricted flow of proper information renders an organization incapable of handling sudden market changes and hinders its adaptation to environmental changes.

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