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Generally speaking, questionnaire paper writing projects are not an undertaking for inexperienced writers. You will find countless books on this subject as well as a myriad of technical guides. Still, it is best you do not waste valuable time looking for and reading these articles and books. It is for this reason the experts at MarvelousEssays.org have put together these helpful tips on writing questionnaire papers. So, please read the following:

  • Let us first think about the differences between creating a questionnaire for respondents to complete themselves and one that an experienced interviewer uses to get answers from respondents.


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There exists some fundamental differences in the manner in which these two types of questionnaires need to be developed. The key differences are:

  1. Questionnaires that are to be self-administered need to be logical, straightforward, and simple. Respondents will be put off if these questionnaires are overly-complex and difficult to read.
  2. Questionnaires that are administered by an interviewer tend to have skip features where respondents are jumped from a particular section to the next appropriate section according to the responses they give.  
  • A critical aspect of questionnaire paper writing is knowing the questions that need to be asked at the beginning of the questionnaire, mid-way through, and as it draws to a close.

There should be a certain flow to a questionnaire, most often moving from general questions to specific ones. Since, however, there is considerable variation in the types of surveys or studies one can do, there are not any definitive rules to the sequence or flow for asking questions. Still, we recommend you adhere to certain principles:    

  1. When writing a questionnaire, try and ensure the respondent is kept in a particular mindset during the different stages of completing it. If possible, write all questions concerning a specific topic before you move to your next topic.  
  2. The easiest questions should be asked first. It is easy for respondents to answer fairly simple or easy questions since these do not need much contemplation or thinking about.  
  3. We recommend that the questions in the middle of your questionnaire be more introspective or involved. Get ready to develop more thought-provoking questions.
  4. If you feel it is important to let respondents know who or what your study relates to, leave this to as near the end as possible.

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Sensitive-type questions should be left until last. These questions can concern income or race and they may alienate the respondent and put them off the whole process entirely.

  • Understand how questions should be phrased

It does not take much thought to develop a set of questions and call the result a survey questionnaire. However, creating good custom written questionnaires that produce meaningful results requires considerable thought and effort. 

  • Length of a questionnaire

The length of a questionnaire is often determined by the objectives of its creator’s study. The objectives of certain questionnaires can be addressed in sets of questions that take a few minutes (e.g. 5 minutes) to answer while others may require a whole hour. Keep this simple principle in the forefront of your mind: participants will be willing to respond to self-administered questionnaires comprised of 40 pages if they are well-developed and easy enough to answer. However, they are likely to discard a questionnaire of only 2 pages in the event it is complex and cluttered.

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