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When you see a questions-answers assignment from your professor, what is the first thing running through your mind? Of course, the first thing you do is looking at the instructions. You notice that it is way different from the multiple-choice questions that have been a usual way to test your knowledge for quite a long time. Then you think of writing short answer questions essay, but you suddenly realize that it is not the best way to do your academic tasks. Either way, it looks and sounds difficult to you, particularly when you have so many plans for the next few days. You just cannot afford spending your days and nights looking for information to answer each question. Also, you cannot just guess what the right answer is. This is why you need help with answering short essay questions. This seems to be the only way for you to earn the needed grade.

We take each questions-answers assignment seriously. We understand what an impact it can have on you and your academic future. We also realize that, when you have good grades, you will find it easier to pursue advanced degrees in any college or university of your choice. However, even when you are a PhD learner, you will still need to do your questions-answers staff. You will still have an instructor who wants you to provide brief, informative answers to questions related to your course content. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help before you face a problem. It is better to have your questions-answers task completed in advance. MarvelousEssays.org is where every writer knows how to write short answer questions! Just take a step and place your order with us!


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Tips for Writing Essay Questions and Answers

Every questions-answers assignment is unique. However, it does not mean that you cannot have some general tips to succeed in this endeavor. You should be clear about what needs to be done, and how it needs to be completed. Take your time to read every single question. Then think of where you can look for information to write the answer. Using this logic, you will not need too much time to complete the question-answer project. The template below can help you with that.


Begin your paper with the question. Restate it. This way, your professor will know what exactly you are doing and what information you are expected to provide.


  • Check if the question has several parts. Provide answers to each. You will not earn the full grade for a question that misses critical information or does not provide a complete answer.
  • If you question is bulleted, follow the same pattern and bullet each element of your answer. Your professor must see that each bullet point has been addressed.
  • Sometimes, your bullet points will also have sub-sections. Include them, too. Do not miss anything, because this is the only way you can meet your grade and course requirements.

Make Sure that Your Answers Are Supported

  • Your short answer questions assignment must include extensive evidence from credible sources. You must support your answer with examples from the course materials or your experiences, if required.
  • Do not rely too much on direct quotations. Instead, paraphrase and cite everything you take from external sources.
  • Include transitions. That your answers are short does not mean that they can be disorganized. Your answer must follow smoothly to produce the best impression on your tutor.

Implications or Insights

Instead of a full-fledged conclusion, you are to provide implications or discuss the insights gained from answering each question. What is the main takeaway from this process? Make sure you include this information as well.

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