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When first-year students receive an assignment to write an article review, they often feel confused. Even journalists, people with considerable experience, might need clarification on how to write an article review. Not infrequently, people think that preparing an article summary or review are identical tasks. However, when a professor or supervisor gives an assignment to submit an article review, it is their responsibility to clarify what exactly is expected from you.


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In general, articles can be read, analyzed, critiqued, or/and summarized. Usually, students are assigned complicated articles, so they have to read them more than once and take detailed notes. Since articles usually cover specific topics, article reviews writing means frequent use of a dictionary to look up unfamiliar terms. A writer cannot prepare a decent review or summary if the meaning of the article remains unclear.

There is much planning involved in writing an article review. Having read (and understood) the article, a student has to outline the main ideas. The outline should be created according to the established conventions because sometimes professors and editors ask to submit the outline first.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Reviews of Articles

  1. Start as early as you can. Allocate enough time for research and other pre-writing activities, as well as for writing and editing.
  2. Carefully read the article, noting down unfamiliar words as well as concepts and facts that you would like to research. Make sure the notes are clear so you could return to them later.
  3. Use online dictionaries books to look up the words from your list. Additionally, do the research on other aspects you think might be important. Later, you can transform your notes into paragraphs.
  4. Ideally, you have to talk to an expert in the field so you could use first-hand experience when discussing the topic. For instance, if the article is on a medical reform, talk to a nurse in the local hospital. If the topic of the article is related to the theater, arrange an interview with an actor or a director.
  5. Try to collect two times more information than you think you might include in your paper.
  6. Start working on your first draft. Use the appropriate style. Remember that a review of an article is not a mere description: you should be able to comprehend the topic, analyze and interpret it, and sometimes even share your personal opinion.
  7. Although introduction comes first, it is sensible to write it in the last place. When you know exactly what the review is about, you can create a relevant introduction. Finally, you can join the paragraphs and transform them into a coherent piece.

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Things to Know before Choosing a Topic

In those rare cases when teachers do not assign a specific topic, the choice of an article is up to you. Of course, the majority of students select topics they consider interesting, but what to do if you are not sure which article you would like to review? First of all, you can ask for an expert advice. For example, talk to a student whose judgment you trust and ask to recommend an article for you. Alternatively, you can go through the bibliography in your textbook – it will definitely contain something that you find interesting. Anyways, make sure you choose a topic you understand and will be able to write.

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