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How to Write a Perfect Essay

How to Write a Perfect Essay

Tips on how to Write a Good Hook

Nowadays, more and more students are struggling to write their essays and academic papers. The primary and the most common issue is that they lack experience in how to handle it, especially when they have deadlines, final assignments, tests, etc. Therefore, our experts have analyzed and specified the most effective ways on how to start the A+ essay. This article aims to share some new knowledge of how to write a good hook, namely, the most popular and effective writing strategy all around the world.


First of all, we need to clarify what a good hook means and why it is so important to use it in our essays. Usually, we use the term “hook” for the first couple of sentences. It aims to engage more and more book lovers for further reading. Often, it looks like an ordinary introduction or preface. However, straight-A students know that your essay mark depends a lot on how well you can write a hook. Sometimes, your hook can completely change the perception of your paper. Therefore, today, we are talking about tips on how to write a good hook. Continue reading →

How to Create a Good Persuasive Essay

How to Create a Good Persuasive Essay

The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader of the correctness of a position with the help of arguments. As a rule, the defining features of such a text are insignificant volume, a concrete theme, presented in subjective interpretation, free composition and paradoxical way of thinking. Most often, an essay expresses a new, subjective attitude to something. The purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to develop independent creative thinking skills. Continue reading →

How to Write a Good Citizenship Essay

How to Write a Good Citizenship Essay

It may be challenging for students to write an essay on such a broad and complex topic as citizenship. One may wonder where to begin, whether it is needed to define the concept of citizenship, whether it is essential to discuss all the pros and cons of being a citizen of a particular country, etc. All in all, a student may have multiple questions arise in his/ her mind. If you are such a student who is stuck with the topic of citizenship and does not know how to write a good citizenship essay, read on the following article and find some useful tips and hints on how to write a successful paper. Continue reading →

Genetically Engineered Food

Genetically Engineered Food

This article gives a detailed explanation of how to write a strong persuasive essay on the bioengineered food providing you with both theoretical and practical tips.

First of all, chose the issue that attracts and interests you. Our example will consider the problem of genetically engineered food. It makes all theoretical principles of how to write a persuasive essay vivid and clear. Thus, your first draft statement may look like a question: “Should we eat genetically modified food?”

Tip: topic should be up-to-date and familiar to you.. Continue reading →

Deaf like Me Essay

Deaf like Me Essay

The book “Deaf Like Me” describes the life of a family, in which a deaf girl grows up. This is not a fictional story, but an autobiographical work that conveys the author’s real experiences. Thomas Spradley tells the story of his family. His wife got rubella during pregnancy, and their daughter Lynn was born deaf. They faced many difficulties but were able to overcome them together.

It is known that 80% of children with hearing impairments are born in the families of hearing parents. A deaf child can be adapted in the society of people with hearing impairments and experience elements of social deprivation in relation to the society of hearing. Mutual misunderstanding in the process of social contacts causes a significant uniqueness in the emotional relations of deaf children with others. However, with active work and the right attitude to the child, both outside and inside the family, it is possible to achieve significant success in the socialization of the child with hearing impairment. That is why it is so important and relevant today to understand the value and importance of the family in adapting children with such problems. Continue reading →

Traveling vs. Staycation

Six Habits to Acquire

Staycations have recently become exceedingly popular with lots of holiday-makers. It is basically because staying at home is more rational for the reasons of safety and thrift. Nowadays, especially after the economic recession, the average Americans increasingly opt for back-porch vacations and poolside holidays. Despite this trend, high expenditures and potential unpleasantness, there are many reasons why traveling can still be more advantageous.

Setting out on a journey enables you to experience everything on your own: to see the destinations with your own eyes and savor the unique atmosphere of the places you visit. You can surely listen to people describing at length the flavor of a new croissant filling using a plethora of words but still, they will fail to convey the experience of trying it on your own. The same is about traveling. You can surely watch different enlightening TV shows, read about the most unique destinations in the world on somebody’s blog, or listen to the most interesting podcasts. Nevertheless, it will not replace the unique experience of discovering everything on your own. But other from that, while traveling, you form your opinion about what you observe, not just see the world through the eyes and experience of a certain person or film crew. Continue reading →

Education as a Social Phenomenon

Education as a Social Phenomenon

The concept of education is very complex and multidimensional. In the most general definition, education is a process and the result of the assimilation of systematized knowledge, skills, and abilities, the development of the mind and feelings, the formation of a worldview and cognitive processes.

One who possesses general ideas, principles, and methods, defining a common approach to the consideration of diverse facts and phenomena, has a high level of developed abilities and the ability to apply the studied to the largest possible number of special cases can be called an educated person. Such a personality acquired a lot of knowledge and got used to thinking of concepts and feelings. Continue reading →

Writing a Proposal Comprises

Writing a Proposal Comprises

The present article dwells on five core steps of the process of proposal writing. Constructive theory and recurrent practice is all you need to complete a winning proposal.

Step 1. Solid Introduction Is a Smart Start

Captivation of the attention of the target audience is the major task of the first sentences. Potential practical application of a proposal is a core aspect to highlight in introduction. First, present the problem. Second, provide relevant background data. Third, announce the proposal’s objective. Be confident and rely on facts, not on a personal belief. Continue reading →

What Is a Photo Essay?

Photo Essay

A photo essay is a documentary story on a topic with the help of photographs, which should evoke emotions. Photos can be supplemented with the explanatory text, but the ideal photo essay should be understandable without words. As usual, most materials are accompanied by one photo. This photo should summarize the entire event in one shot.

A photo essay is ideal for journalists and reporters since this is primarily a documentary genre of photography. However, it is also suitable for anyone who wants to show an interesting topic.


You can take pictures of things that interest you and affect your emotions. Some photographers shoot essays about their families or even more serious topics, such as global warming or the extinction of animals. Continue reading →

Tips on how to Write a Research Proposal

Write a Research Proposal

Generally, a research proposal denotes designing a piece of academic writing that justifies the research topic of your study. In other words, it is a shortened version of the very thesis that enlists the core points of your research area. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the word “brief” does not mean that you just write the synopsis of the future paper.

The main purpose of research proposal writing is to pinpoint that the issues you suggest for discussion are significant and worth attention. Besides, it is vital to highlight that the outcomes of the research will bear importance. When you write a research proposal, you also indicate the methodology of the research and argumentation of why it is the most appropriate. It is also fundamental to prove that other researchers before have not yet covered your perspective of the research study and that you have some novelty and originality of research. In case it has been addressed to some extent, you need to show what aspects have been omitted. The end aim of the proposal is to convince people that your research is worth attention and that it will contribute to the field of research you specialize in. Continue reading →


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