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Traveling vs. Staycation

Staycations have recently become exceedingly popular with lots of holiday-makers. It is basically because staying at home is more rational for the reasons of safety and thrift. Nowadays, especially after the economic recession, the average Americans increasingly opt for back-porch vacations and poolside holidays. Despite this trend, high expenditures and potential unpleasantness, there are many reasons why traveling can still be more advantageous.

Setting out on a journey enables you to experience everything on your own: to see the destinations with your own eyes and savor the unique atmosphere of the places you visit. You can surely listen to people describing at length the flavor of a new croissant filling using a plethora of words but still, they will fail to convey the experience of trying it on your own. The same is about traveling. You can surely watch different enlightening TV shows, read about the most unique destinations in the world on somebody’s blog, or listen to the most interesting podcasts. Nevertheless, it will not replace the unique experience of discovering everything on your own. But other from that, while traveling, you form your opinion about what you observe, not just see the world through the eyes and experience of a certain person or film crew. Continue reading →

Education as a Social Phenomenon

The concept of education is very complex and multidimensional. In the most general definition, education is a process and the result of the assimilation of systematized knowledge, skills, and abilities, the development of the mind and feelings, the formation of a worldview and cognitive processes.

One who possesses general ideas, principles, and methods, defining a common approach to the consideration of diverse facts and phenomena, has a high level of developed abilities and the ability to apply the studied to the largest possible number of special cases can be called an educated person. Such a personality acquired a lot of knowledge and got used to thinking of concepts and feelings. Continue reading →

Writing a Proposal Comprises

Writing a Proposal Comprises

The present article dwells on five core steps of the process of proposal writing. Constructive theory and recurrent practice is all you need to complete a winning proposal.

Step 1. Solid Introduction Is a Smart Start

Captivation of the attention of the target audience is the major task of the first sentences. Potential practical application of a proposal is a core aspect to highlight in introduction. First, present the problem. Second, provide relevant background data. Third, announce the proposal’s objective. Be confident and rely on facts, not on a personal belief. Continue reading →

What Is a Photo Essay?

Photo Essay

A photo essay is a documentary story on a topic with the help of photographs, which should evoke emotions. Photos can be supplemented with the explanatory text, but the ideal photo essay should be understandable without words. As usual, most materials are accompanied by one photo. This photo should summarize the entire event in one shot.

A photo essay is ideal for journalists and reporters since this is primarily a documentary genre of photography. However, it is also suitable for anyone who wants to show an interesting topic.


You can take pictures of things that interest you and affect your emotions. Some photographers shoot essays about their families or even more serious topics, such as global warming or the extinction of animals. Continue reading →

Tips on how to Write a Research Proposal

Write a Research Proposal

Generally, a research proposal denotes designing a piece of academic writing that justifies the research topic of your study. In other words, it is a shortened version of the very thesis that enlists the core points of your research area. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the word “brief” does not mean that you just write the synopsis of the future paper.

The main purpose of research proposal writing is to pinpoint that the issues you suggest for discussion are significant and worth attention. Besides, it is vital to highlight that the outcomes of the research will bear importance. When you write a research proposal, you also indicate the methodology of the research and argumentation of why it is the most appropriate. It is also fundamental to prove that other researchers before have not yet covered your perspective of the research study and that you have some novelty and originality of research. In case it has been addressed to some extent, you need to show what aspects have been omitted. The end aim of the proposal is to convince people that your research is worth attention and that it will contribute to the field of research you specialize in. Continue reading →

How to Make Your Introduction Gripping and Absorbing

Introduction Gripping and Absorbing

The introduction is the most significant section of an essay that works as the attention grabber and lets the readers understand what they are going to find out. The first sentence should be as important as the thesis statement. Therefore, it is important to navigate your audience right to the main point, and a solid introduction will definitely help you with it.

Learning to Create the Opening Sentence of the Article

You should begin your essay with one thing in mind – catch your readers’ attention and hold it until the turning point. That is why beginning your paper with a general statement is a horrible idea. People are smart nowadays and do not want to waste their time on useless ideas they already might be aware of. Your task is to amaze the people, introduce them something great and striking. Continue reading →

How to Use Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions are pairs of words or phrases, which are used in writing in order to link a couple of ideas, like “both… and,” “either… or,” “neither… nor,” “not… but.” In this article, we are going to describe the use of such phrases.

Here are a few examples of correlative conjunctions: Continue reading →

Possessive Case in Plural

Possessive Case in Plural

English grammar is relatively easy to understand. Comparing to other languages, particularly Slavic, it has very few peculiarities that are difficult to perceive. However, even in such an unsophisticated language there are a few tricky notions that people do not clearly understand. Recently, British researchers have conducted a poll where 2,000 people were asked to explain apostrophe punctuation peculiarities and eventually, more than a half of the surveyed understand it incorrectly. The thing with the apostrophe is that sometimes what seems as a wrong usage of the possessive is actually the correct variant. This article will help you understand all twists and turns of the trickiest topic in English grammar. Continue reading →

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

Process Analysis Essay

Process analysis essay is the type of an essay which gives a thorough explanation of how something works or how something is done. Process essay requires the writer to introduce and describe in details the necessary steps of the process that is being investigated. The steps should be presented in a logical order and there should be enough information in order to understand each step. All words, terms, and concepts which are unknown to the average reader should be identified and explained as well. The structure of the process analyses essay looks the following way:

  • The first part of the process analysis essay is an introduction, where you should present the process which you’re going to describe and explain why it is relevant, interesting or important. Sometimes it can be appropriate to include additional information such as history or background, but in many cases it is unnecessary. In most cases, it is advised to go directly to the point and provide the necessary information on each step of the process.
  • Continue reading →

Reasons and Impacts of the Cold War

Reasons and Impacts of the Cold War

The Cold War can be defined as a global conflict between the Soviet Union on one side and the United States on the other. It was not only the conflict between these two influential countries but also between their respective allies. Even though it didn’t include any military actions or bloody battles between these two nations, the Cold War resulted in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Such actions as trading arms for hostages or selling weapons to the militaries in the Middle East also took place during this period. Consequently, we can observe the extensive effects of the Cold War even today. Despite the fact that the end of the Cold War was officially announced in the early nineties, its political, economic, cultural, and social impacts are still apparent worldwide. Thus, there are plenty of topics to base your essay or even research paper on. Continue reading →


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